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Technobit Oxidized Bitupaint PF4


Technobit Oxidized Bitupaint PF4

High Quality Brushable Grade Solvent-Based Oxidized Bitumen Coating



Description :

TECHNOBIT Oxidized BITUPAINT PF4 is a nontoxic solvent based, cold applied waterproofing coating complying to BS 6949-91 formulated with a selected petroleum solvent, a stable and superior quality oxidized bitumen and life enhancing additives. The oxidized bitumen residue conforms to ASTM D 449 type III On evaporation of the solvent TECHNOBIT Oxidized BITUPAINT PF4 forms a tough Oxidized bituminous film which acts as a waterproofing barrier that resists the attack of weather, salts, mild acids and alkalis. TECHNOBIT Oxidized BITUPAINT PF4 is a one coat application product.

Major Features : 

  • Quick Dry
  • Can be sprayed
  • Tough surface after drying
  • Inert to salts, acids and alkalis

Uses :

  • Is a general purpose waterproofing coating most suitable for the waterproofing of potable water tanks, underground concrete foundations basements, spouts and gutters.
  • Is also recommended as a saturant for old bituminous roof surfaces.

Method of Application :

  • The surface to be waterproofed should be clean, dry, and free from dust, dirt and debris.
  • New concrete should be cured and at least eight days old. If curing compounds have been used remove or check for compatibility. Apply TECHNOBIT Oxidized BITUPAINT PF4 at the rate of 0.50-0.75L/m2 .
  • Do not over apply as this will lead to a longer drying time. Brush in well, spread evenly. TECHNOBIT Oxidized BITUPAINT PF4 can be applied with a brush, roller or spray.

Health & Safety : 

As with all chemical products, care should be taken during use and storage to avoid contactwith foodstuffs, skin, eyes and mouth. If accidentally ingested, immediately seek prompt medical attention. Do not induce vomiting and give copious amounts of water to drink.
Keep away from children and animals. Reseal containers after use. Always wear protective clothing and eye protection.

Packing :

TECHNOBIT Oxidized BITUPAINT PF4 is packaged in ( 180L, 200L) drums.

Storage :

  • Varies with product and climatic conditions but is usually in excess of 12 months.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.

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