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Technobit is a limited liability company operating in Egypt since 1997 specialized in manufacturing Bituminous products as Waterproofing, Roofing , and Road paving repairs serving strongly the local Egyptian market and more than 30 countries worldwide and still growing in an aggressive approach.

The key concept that sets TechnoBit apart as a Company, is our conviction that each and every Customer and his project need
and deserve our total care, attention and support. And we do that, always and with full conviction.

We typically establish long-term relationships and involvement with Customers, co-operating on putting needs on focus,
setting targets, sharing knowledge and experience, and developing solutions for bitumen.

As a small-sized Company by choice since our foundation, we have always capitalized a high value of craftsmanship, which
translates into caring for personal relationship, love for the single details, passion for our products.

Technobit will focus on marketing and R&D to create an ultimate experience through standardizing and systemizing
these key activities.

Our Values

Technobit will serve the building materials markets in Mid-East, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America providing all range of waterproofing & insulation solutions, as well as construction chemicals.

Within the next 5 years, TechnoBit will be a regional company having strong presence in 48 countries with
representative offices in these key markets and manufacturing facilities in non-accessible markets.

TechnoBit will continuously work on educating all stakeholders about the different products and solutions, raising their awareness and decision making capability through comprehensive training and educational system provided onsite,offsite, and online

Clients will enjoy the exclusive innovative and creative products and solutions of TechnoBit as well as our reliable
delivery system, quick response & client handling system. Moreover, Technobit will provide real estate firms with
compliment products and services that will enhance and raise their competitiveness further

Trusted Across the Globe

Always Commited To Delivering High Quality Waterproofing Products

Projects using TECHNOBIT’S Systems
Waterproofing Products for Every Application
Years Of Experience In The Industry
Exporting to Over 40 Countries Across the Globe

Join the 10.000+ companies trusting TechnoBit

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