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Technobit Flexcoat


Technobit Flexcoat

High Quality Brushable Grade SOLVENT-BASED Bitumen Prime Coating



Description :

TECHNOBIT FLEX COAT is a solvent based synthetic rubber, modified bituminous liquid compounded with reinforcing fillers, gelling/wetting agents, antioxidants/antiozonants and special additives for enhanced adhesion. When cured, TECHNOBIT FLEX COAT forms a rubber like membrane that is able to withstand severe expansion and contraction movements. TECHNOBIT FLEX COAT is very elastic and has the capability of bridging over stress cracks.
TECHNOBIT FLEX COAT adapts easily to irregular contours of the surface being treated to form an excellent waterproof and impervious blanket.

Major Features : 

  • Fast Dry
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Tough & Durable Surface

Uses :

  • Is particularly designed for use with polyester reinforced built-up roofs, the waterproofing of bathrooms and kitchens and for maintenance of existing roofs.
  • Is ideal for the waterproofing of concrete walls, floors, bridges and other surfaces requiring a highly flexible coating.
  • TECHNOBIT FLEX COAT exceeds the performance requirement of ASTM D 4479.

Method of Application :

  • TECHNOBIT FLEX COAT is applied to the substrate by means of a brush, squeegee or spray. Before application the surface to be treated must be free from dirt, dust, debris, oil and grease.
  • Apply Dermaprimer at the rate of 300g/m2. DO NOT OVER APPLY. Brush out well. Allow to cure. Any areas of discolouration should be treated again with primer.
  • Apply the TECHNOBIT FLEX COAT at the rate of 1.25-1.50L/m2. Brush out well. For a two coat application use above method with a spread rate of 1.25L/m2. Allow curing between coats.
  • Avoid standing on treated surface with rubber sole shoes. Use leather soled shoes when possible.

Health & Safety : 

As with all chemical products, care should be taken during use and storage to avoid contactwith foodstuffs, skin, eyes and mouth. If accidentally ingested, immediately seek prompt medical attention. Do not induce vomiting and give copious amounts of water to drink.
Keep away from children and animals. Reseal containers after use. Always wear protective clothing and eye protection.

Packing :

TECHNOBIT FLEX COAT is packaged in ( 15L, 18L ) pails and ( 170L, 200L ) drums.

Storage :

  • Varies with product and climatic conditions but is usually in excess of 12 months.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.

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