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Lastick Duo


Lastick Duo



Description :

Lastick Alusheiled is carrierless self adhesive waterproofing membrane made of elastomeric bitumen compound and Aluminium foil surface. The underface is composed of a silicone split-back release paper , it is highly recommended for metal sheets waterproofing and repair works of diffrent substrates

Major Features : 

  • Excellent solar reflectance ( Aluminum surfacing )
  • Safe Application ( Flameless )
  • Easy to use ( Self Adhesive )
  • Environmentally Friendly ( No Waste )
  • Fast Application
  • Good tear and puncture resistance
  • Excellent tensile strength in both longitudinal and transverse direction
  • Good resistance to water & vapor
  • Excellent adhesion to vertical and horizontal surfaces

Uses :

  • Multi purpose waterproofing membrane
  • It can also be used as a flashing on up-stands

Method of Application :

  1. Peel off the release film from the self adhesive side.
  2. Start unrolling the membrane and press it to the surface.
  3. Smoothen the membrane from the center to the edges with a wooden press in order to remove any entrapped air.
  4. Use iron roller to ensure a proper and strong adhesion of the bitumen compound with the base surface.
  5. Side overlaps shall be a minimum of 50mm on the selvedge and end overlaps 100mm.
  6. When used as a flashing membrane on up-stands and parapets, Lastick Alushield membrane will be lapped with the base membrane and taken up on the up-stand and tucked inside the groove cut along the parapet wall. The tucked membrane will be sealed with a bitumen mastic sealant.

Storage & Handling :

Lastick Alushield rolls should be kept in an upright position in a flat, properly ventilated and sheltered storage area away from sunrays.


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