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BituBest GAEB


BituBest GAEB

Bitubest is a plastomeric APP modified bituminous waterproofing membrane Approved by GAEB ,Bitubest PPO is reinforced with nonwoven long fibre polyester synthetic carrier and top surfaced with thin HDPE Film



Description :

BituBest PET is a plastomeric waterproofing membrane manufactured in an advanced continuous calendaring process by saturating and coating a synthetic carrier a waterproofing compound made of special grade of bitumen, modified with APP polymers. While the modifiers enhance the thermal, mechanical, and aging properties of membrane compound, the mechanical characteristics of BituBest is produced using the non-woven continuous filament spun-bond Polyester carrier which acts as the reinforcement that provides the membrane with its particular tensile strength, tear resistance, puncture resistance and elongation properties.

Major Features : 

  • Perfect U.V. resistance.
  • Improved chemical resistance to acidic and alkaline solutions.
  • Enhanced thermal resistance under a wide range of temperature fluctuation.
  • Adequate isotropic mechanical properties.
  • Absolute impermeability to water.

Uses :

BituBest membranes are used in general purposes as general purpose waterproofing membranes in applications subject to moderate mechanical stresses in single or multi-layer systems for a variety of waterproofing requirements. BituBest membranes are particularly recommended for the following Areas of Applications :

  • Roofing or re-roofing works for sloped and flat protected roofs.
  • Waterproofing of wet areas, mechanical rooms and terraces.
  • Waterproofing of underground structures.

Surface Finish :

The lower surface of BituBest is laminated with a thin Polyolefinic film (Sacrifice Layer) while the upper surface is covered with Polyethylene film.

Method of Application :

BituBest membranes are applied by using a propane torch or by mechanical fastening.
The substrate surface must be clean, dry, smooth, and free of any irregularities. According to the surface conditions, a coat of water base primers may be required, prior to the applications of the membranes. BituBest can be applied to the substrate fully bonded, semi bonded or loose lay, and the method of adhesion to the substrate shall be decided according to the waterproofing system design. Side laps should be from 12 – 15 cm. For more information on application refer to the TECHNOBIT Application Guide.

Storage & Handling :

BituBest rolls should be kept in an upright position in a flat, properly ventilated and sheltered storage area.


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